How do I get my ticket?

Your ticket will be available at WILL CALL when you arrive at The Middle C the time of the performance.

What Kind of events are here?

The Middle C provides a space for the community to celebrate art, music, and culture. Most events are concerts, art shows, and festivals.

where is the middle c located

The Middle C is located at 21 W. Locust St. in downtown Lodi, California. The courtyard venue is located directly behind the B Sharp School of Music.


how do i get booked to perform

Leave us a message. We are always looking for talent to showcase at The Middle C. 


can i rent the middle c?

Yes!  You can rent the venue for private events and gatherings. Contact us to submit and event or for pricing inquiries.

What does middle c mean?

1.The middle c is and exact location on the musical staff and on an instrument. It can also be called C4 (The 4 represents the specific octave the 'C' is located).

2. The middle c is the one specific note that connectsbass clef and treble clef on the "grand staff" (piano music).

3. The middle c is literally THE SAME NOTE as B sharp (the music school we are located behind). All music notes can have more than one name and are called 'enharmonics'.

4. The word "middle" is significant to the location and respresents social equilibrium. It is a place we can all "meet at the middle". The C is also significant because it stands for the values we use as our slogan: Creative- Community- Culture.